Water Purifier – Buy or Rent an RO water purifier

No matter how much wealth one accumulates, the basic necessities for that person will still remain the same. Any person requires clean & pure air, pure water, and nutritious food to stay fit, active, and healthy. However, the quality of water from natural sources is deteriorating with each passing day due to the presence of litter, pesticides, hazardous wastes, chemicals, and decayed organic materials in the water.

Needless to mention that consuming such water without proper purification can cause significant damage to health. In some cities, people still have water from taps but you can never be sure about the purity of water. Hence, your health is at stake. Timely consumption of water is also necessary as it flushes the toxins present in the body and prevents the body from dehydration.

There is a necessity of RO water purifier at home, as well as, office so that all the harmful chemicals & pollutants in the water are removed. Water purifier based on the RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration technique removes excess salt, chemicals from the water and retains the mineral & vitamin composition in the water. It is a worthy investment as it ensures the well-being of yourself and the family members.

The issue is that buying an RO water purifier involves one-time cost but there is a recurring cost of maintenance. RO water purifiers from brands like Livpure have close to 7-stage filtration pipeline thereby making the water 100% pure. If you are living with your friends or visiting a city for a short duration, buying an RO water purifier might not be a good option.

You may opt to buy bottled water but you can vouch for its purity. Hence, you are putting your health at risk. Research also suggests that bottled water is not as pure as it is advertised. The other downside is that you are contributing to the carbon footprint as the bottles are made from plastic. What if you had an alternate option via which you get to consume pure water and there is not much investment☺.

Instead of buying a water purifier, you can rent water purifier. Just like riding a rented car or bike, the advantage of renting a water purifier is that there are zero costs involved in using the purifier. You do not pay anything for the installation and maintenance. You only pay for the amount of water that is consumed from the water purifier. By opting for this option, you not only pure drinking water from the best RO water purifier but also save on recurring costs. You will save close to Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 each year which is the amount you spend on water jars or water cans.

Livpure Envy Plus RO Water Purifier has 7-stage purification technology. It has RO, UV, UF and taste enhancer. The installation is free and you pay as low as Rs. 1.2/liter. It is an option for the smart generation. There is zero machine cost and no security deposits. You can check the status of water purifier, raise maintenance requests, monitor the amount of water being consumed using a mobile application that is powered by HEKA. If you are not at home i.e. no water is consumed, you do not have to pay anything for the company since the rental is free.

There are flexible plans – Silver plan starting at Rs. 350, Gold plan starting at Rs. 450, Platinum plan starting at Rs. 550, and Titanium plan starting at Rs. 650. You can switch between plans on a need basis since the quantity of water being consumed can change depending on the number of members in the house.

LivPure Smart is addressing a very important problem as millennial & younger generation is comfortable not owning unnecessary things. They prefer renting, whether it is a car or RO water purifier and LivPure Smart is a huge step in the right direction as it addresses an unsolved problem.