Specific Terms Used In The Spa

In any case, these places of cure or rest have become an original and comforting possibility to enjoy a weekend or long weekend especially with spa cover care, so that if at any time you dare to try them, this thermal glossary that compiles the specific terms will be good for you. Most common in this type of establishment:

  • Mineral Water: Waters that, due to the elements or compounds they carry in solution or suspension, possess recognized therapeutic qualities.
  • Thermal Waters: Those whose upwelling temperature is at least 4ºC higher than the annual average of the place where it emerges. Due to their temperature, they can be used for therapeutic purposes in spas or thermal stations.
  • Spas: Establishments located in thermal areas and that, due to their composition, act directly on the skin or by ingestion to prevent or treat various ailments. For a Spa to be considered as such, it must have the following elements: mineral-medicinal waters declared of public utility, medical services, and adequate facilities to carry out the prescribed medical treatments.
  • Arab Baths: Variety of steam baths that differ from the Turkish ones by having three separate rooms: a first for relaxation (warm room), a second consisting of a kind of pool with cold water, and the last room with hot water.
  • Mud Bath: The flow of water circulates permanently and performs a light massage, which adds the effects of the regenerating and anti-inflammatory active principles on the tissues.
  • Hydromassage or Bubble Bath: Technique that consists of immersion in water for a specific time and temperature, to which pressurized air is added to give movement to the water, acting as a massage.
  • Immersion Bath: General bath carried out in a bathtub, tank, or pool.
  • Ozone Bath: Bubble bath in which the air used to produce bubbles is enriched in ozone.
  • Steam Bath: Application of humid heat, steam in a closed space that can include the whole body (public steam bath) or some parts (partial steam bath).
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  • Galvanic Bath: Immersion bath in a bathtub equipped to apply galvanic currents to the patient while bathing. It combines hydro and electrotherapy.
  • Turkish Bath: Variety of steam baths traditionally practiced in Turkey and other countries in its geographical area.
  • Thalassotherapy Centers: Centers located on the coast or very close surroundings, since its main element is the air and seawater and components from this medium such as algae, mud, sand, applied for therapeutic purposes.
  • Circular Shower: 36ºC water projected through many holes in superimposed semi-circular bars that surround the patient.