Ten Things To Expect From Your Cosmetic Surgeon

 Cosmetic surgery helps approve your appearance but remember this is not for everyone. Better do your research before going under the knife, and know about the surgical and non-surgical procedures and their repercussions. Most people think that this procedure can do wonders and its way more easy to shave off their appearance and can improve their physique in a few minutes, which is wrong. Cosmetic surgery has some limitations and risks, and those are well elaborated by a cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne. If you are considering trying this, better do read its pros and cons.

In this post, we try to help you decide on selecting a surgeon by compiling ten things to expect from your cosmetic surgeon before allowing him to treat you.

  1. Check in the front desk staff

First of all, you have to see the front desk office staff, whether you receive paperwork through the mail on time or not. How much time they spend in collecting your details and you need to wait once they fill up your form. So these are some minor points that you should check.

  1. Find a qualified and expert cosmetic surgeon

Once you decided to pursue cosmetic surgery, you will have lots of surgeon options in your area as, after 2002, the rise of certified surgeons has risen immensely because of the demand. You should choose the one who is specialized in that procedure that you would like to go through. The surgeon must be officially qualified in the particular speciality by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Be alert of the fake and misleading certifications from unrecognized boards.

  1. The cosmetic surgeon should share his credentials

The reputable cosmetic surgeon should be accommodating about his certification, experience, and expertise in general and must be able to tell you how much he is efficient in the procedure that you select specifically. It doesn’t necessarily mean if he/she calls themselves a Cosmetic Surgeon; they are qualified doctors to perform the procedure that people are seeking. So don’t be afraid asking questions that are in your mind, could be;

  • From where did you get your training?
  • Are you certified, if yes by which board?
  • How long you have been practising cosmetic surgeries
  • How many times he has done your procedure prior
  • What sort of complications have you encountered with your past patients after the procedure you are looking for?
  • If the procedure is surgical, who will administer anaesthesia?
  1. Will surgeon operates in a surgical facility

Surgical facility accreditation is a must thing for patient’s safety, as such facilities are professionally equipped with highly prescribed standards, good in hygiene, administer with professional anaesthesia specialists, and emergency is available 24/7. Above all, such medical facilities are regularly monitored and audited to make sure they stick on to these standards or not. If your cosmetic surgeon cuts corners in this area, you should walk out the door and don’t go under the knife without their serious concern about it.

Some surgeons operate in their private medical centre; make sure that he has a hospital nearby. This is essential if you require medical aid from the hospital, it can be availed in no time.

  1. Trust and listen to your surgeon

You are considering the cosmetic surgeon to help you in achieving your looks and appearance that you have in your mind, make sense? And you are expecting your doctor must understand your needs and he should be able to achieve the outcomes that you are looking for. You must be very open with your surgeon and if you have any medical history, do let him know. And if you have been through any cosmetic procedure before this, he should know as it could be helpful for both of you.

You need to listen to you surgeon; maybe he will provide you with option rather dictating what exactly you need to do. And if you don’t feel comfortable while sharing and listening, simply move on because the relation between patient and doctor is very important.

  1. Your surgeon explains options

Having cosmetic surgery is a serious business instead of making fun of the final results of the procedure. A good and experienced surgeon must share the procedure in detail, including the benefits, risks, downtime, aftercare, costs. All those surgeons who have trust in their expertise are used to keep their patients well informed about the procedure.

  1. Shouldn’t feel getting pushed for a procedure

The professional cosmetic surgeon always tries to put their patient’s health and safety first, even if they have to say that there is no need for this procedure and it’s not the best choice for you. They know well that this should be your decision; they can only give you the best solution for your problem. The reputable surgeon would like to tell you the risks and benefits by explaining in easy words. But they can’t pressurize you to decide during the consultation.

  1. Before & After of past patient’s images

Do you know that surgeons only put some of their patients before and after photos on the sites and social mediums? There are ample reasons for this practice, and now this is your job to get access to as much as you can see before and after photos of the past patients during the consultation. You should ask your doctor to see you, such patients, before & after related to your procedure. By doing so, you will be able to get a clear sense of the surgeon’s aesthetic approach.

  1. Customer service

Happy customer service is always important, particularly when talking about cosmetic surgery. You deserve to treat in a good way as you have selected them in ample of options out there. The front desk staff, nurses, coordinators, and doctors must be friendly and accommodating. The area should be neat and clean because a messy place never impresses the patient, and it reflects the surgeon’s vision.

  1. The surgeon should examine your areas of concerns

Your surgeon should be able to see you properly in which areas of your body you are looking to treat. He should be able to give you proper time, as most of the time, some surgeons suggest their juniors to see the patient and they only want to perform the procedure which is not fair enough.


Upon getting your cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and you like his/her expertise and none of the red flags that are discussed above. Then this is going to be the best surgeon, and you should build your trust in the surgeon. And get your procedure done by the doctor. Good luck!

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