Smartest Opportunities for the best Recovery from Alcohol Use

An alcohol addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable need for alcohol and a pattern of problematic drinking behavior. Drinking alcohol is an ingrained habit in our culture. Many people do it.  The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

The Choices

At a party to relax, at home in the evening not to think too much, or at a birthday, simply because it ‘belongs’. That’s how it works: in the nation and in many other places in the world. However, drinking a lot of alcohol is unhealthy and can lead to alcohol abuse or an alcohol addiction. An alcohol addiction is also referred to as alcohol use disorder. With the you can have the smartest deals.

The Disorder

A disorder is not the same as ‘drinking too much’. Sometimes it is difficult to draw the line. For example, there are a number of symptoms that may indicate that your use is no longer ‘normal’. Think of not meeting your obligations, and driving under the influence. If your alcohol consumption gets in the way of school or work, that is also cause for concern. Just like a persistent strong desire for alcohol. Do you want to drink less but do not succeed? That too can be a sign of an alcohol problem. Even if you do not meet the key characteristics of an alcohol use disorder, your alcohol use can have adverse effects. Drinking more than one alcoholic consumption per day can have adverse physical effects. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

How much is one alcoholic consumption? Keep the following quantities in mind:

  • 1 glass of beer (25cl, 5% alcohol percentage)
  • 1 glass of wine (10 cl, 12.5% ​​alcohol percentage)
  • 1 glass of spirits (3.5 cl, 30% alcohol percentage)

You can tell by the glasses: the higher the alcohol percentage, the smaller the glass. Each glass is counted as one, regardless of the size of the glass. It is not the case that three ‘shots’ are equal to one beer. You need to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.

According to the current state of science, you can in principle drink seven glasses or glasses of alcohol per week, without running many health risks. That does not mean that you cannot drink for six days and then seven glasses in one go. Drinking more than one glass per day has no positive effects. It is also advisable not to drink alcohol two days a week. This prevents habituation. However, many people drink more than one glass a day. Almost 10% of adults drink excessively. For women, more than 14 glasses per week, for men, this is more than 21 glasses per week. Drinking large quantities can have extra harmful effects for you, and your judgment and driving skills will deteriorate. Alcohol is responsible for almost 55% of the fatal accidents.