The Best Face And Body Shape For Women

There are many face shapes but which face shape is the most attractive and which face shape is the least attractive, types of face shapes include heart, square, round, oval, oblong, and diamond, FacMedicine is one of the largest medical forums has published an article about the most attractive face shapes, and they included an awesome comparison between face shapes.

Like most of your characteristics, your general face shape is determined by your genetics. You will normally have a face that is shaped like one or both of your parents. Other than genetic factors, there are also gender factors in determining your face shape. Different sex hormones can change your face shape. Because of this, men and women have slightly different face shapes. If you were to suddenly take a medication including sex hormones like estrogen or testosterone, it would actually change the shape of your face slightly over time; also medications like corticosteroid make the face shape more rounded, different researches has been done to choose the best face shape based on surveys but it failed to choose a specific type.

On the other hand concerning body shapes, based on various studies, researches chose the hourglass body type as the ideal body shape for women. The ideal body shape quality varies according to different cultures and races, but as long as you have an hourglass shape, then you have an ideal body shape. An hourglass shape has the following qualities:

– Shoulders are smaller than the hips

– Small waist

– The hip measurement is equal to the bust measurement while the bust measurement is equal to the waist x 1.5

– The waist measurement is equal to the height x 0.375.

Many women may have a perfect hourglass shape body yet still feel an urge to lose weight and change their shape. So how do you attain this? Well to start, you have to make a life change, including diet and exercise.

– Wearing shapewear or a waist cincher can really make you look five to ten, even fifteen pounds lighter.

– Eating the proper foods and getting the proper amount of nutrients is extremely important, along with exercise.

– Avoid crash dieting and excessive workouts.

These won’t help you as most of the times women try achieving the ideal body image in the wrong way.

Do not get caught up in the ideal body image seen on billboards and in magazines as every woman’s body is perfect in its own way.

And so, if you were to ask a woman what the ideal female body looks like, you’d get something like this: