The Panic Away Techniques

If you are one of those unfortunate people in the population who are suffering from anxiety, it is also then likely that you have been dealing with anxiety for over a decade.

You’ve tried some treatments for anxiety and they have worked, some only for a time. In addition you may have restricted the anxiety interventions that you’ve explored and are actually missing out on some of the cutting edge technologies that are proven to work. Additionally the evidence is that no one technique or strategy is enough to overcome anxiety. You need an active combination of many approaches from therapy, coaching and personal development. It is essential to train your mind in order to overcome anxiety. The mind is the second layer of defense in the anxiety fighting machine. The first layer is the treatment that you’ve tried but hasn’t been able to hold up. The second layer is emotional resiliency. This is the ability of your mind to bounce back from life’s adversities and manage the anxiety attacks in a way that gives you more confidence and energy. This can be trained by developing the ability to ride the wave of anxiety and not let it get the best of you.

Many people have experienced their first anxiety attack when they were very young. This has taught them early on that life has moments of anxiety. Anxiety is natural and they can be in everyone. However, if your first attacks occurred at a young age then that you can do something about this. Once you have experienced a few attacks it is likely that you will have a greater sense of control over anxiety. You need to realize that you are in charge of your own anxiety. With the realization that life has moments of anxiety you can move past a reactive attitude. You must train your mind in order to know that you are in charge of your own anxiety. Anxiety is natural and it happens to all of us. However, the key to overcoming your anxiety is in your own mind.

  1. Recognize that the best way to overcome anxiety is to know that you are in charge of your own anxiety.
  2. Learn the relaxation technique: Find a good book, CD or Tape that teaches you the relaxation technique. Once you have learned the relaxation technique you will be able to create the energy needed to conquer your anxieties.
  3. Use the techniques and strategies that are taught in the relaxation technique to train your mind in the following ways: 1. Concentration: Stay in the present moment. Don’t get caught up in details. Get up and move around in the room. Do some physical exercises. 2. Distraction: If you get caught up in thinking about past frustrations or worries talk to a friend or a trusted adult. 3. Self-talk: Talk to yourself (only). 4. Acceptance: Know that you are going to have anxious moments. Know that you can do this. Know that you have gone through these moments before. Know that you can survive these moments before. Know that you can get through these moments without getting down on yourself. If you are able to do these things you will be able to stay present during the moments of anxiety.
  4. Have a plan B: If you don’t have a plan B you will be so caught up in the moment that you will feel like you are going to throw up. 5. Have a support system: Talk to a friend, get a friend to talk to, a trusted adult to talk to.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions: If you get down on yourself you need to take responsibility and own it for what you are feeling.

I feel that you will find that learning these techniques will help you in overcoming your anxious moments. Also it might be so helpful to do the techniques at home in the morning before you go to work. When you get back from work, do the techniques that you have learned during the day until you feel ready to stop. Then do some other techniques that you have learned at work that you feel will help.