Tips for Choosing the Best Day Spa

There is nothing like a massage from a master masseuse after a long, hard day, week or month. However, to get that master masseuse, you need to find a great spa. You have to do better than searching for the best local spa, e.g., “best spa in Napa.”


Your first step should be defining your goals. For example, how long do you have to spend at the spa? Are you going for a few hours or taking a week off and really enjoying some relaxation? Also, what types of spa treatments do you hope to receive? You should also determine whether you want to focus on a specific area or receive whole-body treatments. Identify your desired spa location. You should also determine your spa budget.


Ask your friends and colleagues about their spa experiences. They may offer you recommendations about which spas and treatments they liked the best.

Then search for local spas and read their reviews. Remember that their website reviews may be skewed to make the spa look great, so search more than just the spa website. Check with the local chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureau. Search for any health or cleanliness violations, and for the spas’ accreditation and association memberships.

Call for Information

Your website search should have informed you about the services and treatments each spa offers. However, you may have additional questions. For example, you may ask about appointment requirements and wait times. You should also discuss the spas’ hygiene practices and equipment usage.

Visit the Facility

You don’t want to spend your money at a spa that is unclean. Therefore, if you can, tour the facility. Check the cleanliness of the spa. Look over the machinery and make sure it is in good condition and is being used properly.

Finally, verify the licensing of the spa and its employees.

If you are considering a spa day, weekend or week, do some research and choose the best spa available.