Training without barbell and fitness equipment, but with help of Letrozole

Studies by Hawaiian scientists have convincingly demonstrated that stretching significantly strengthens muscle strength. Subjects who performed a 40-minute series of stretch marks three times a week increased leg muscle strength by 17% by the end of the third month – and this is without working with weight!

Below we present 6 exercises recommended by Professor J. Kokkonen, research leader. They should be performed after the use of Letrozole for Sale in USA.

Hold each position for 15 seconds, then 15 seconds to rest. So seven times for each exercise.

  1. Stretching the quadriceps femoris

Do not do this exercise if your knee is injured. Stand with your left hand (for example, against a wall). Bend your left leg at the knee. With your right hand, grasp the ankle and try to pull the heel to the buttocks. Repeat the same with your right foot.

  1. Stretching the semitendinosus muscle

Lift your right leg and place your heel on a plane at waist level. Grasp the ankle with both hands and make a few bends, trying to pull the chest closer to the hip. Keep both legs straight. Same thing with the left foot.

  1. Stretching the calf muscle

Holding your hand on the railing, stand with your right foot on the edge of the step, hanging the heel. Raising the left slightly, slowly lower the right heel down. Repeat stretching with the other leg.

  1. Seated inclinations

Sit on the floor and spread your legs wider. Make a few forward bends, bending in the belt. Finish the exercise when you notice that you have begun to hunch your back.

  1. Sitting inclinations – 2

In the same position (see p. 4) – the back is straight – lean forward, trying to reach your feet with your hands.

  1. Tilts to the side

Stand straight with your right foot forward at a distance of 30-60 cm from the left. Fully straightening his right leg and slightly bending at the knee le­howl, bend to the right knee. Place your hands on the soles of your right foot. Same thing with the other leg.