True Solutions for the Best Whey Protein

Compared to casein, soy or egg protein, whey absorbed immediately after the weight training session activates anabolism. In this way, it contributes to muscle building.

However, you have to be careful, because it’s not only the consumption of whey that leads to mass gain. It must be accompanied by a nutritional diet and suitable training. It should therefore be remembered that whey is not a meal replacement. In short, your progress depends on three factors: sports nutrition, training and whey. You can choose the best Whey Protein use now.

Here are some whey consumption conditions for better muscle mass gain:

  • Always dilute the product with water and not with milk at the risk of slowing digestion. Mixing whey with milk will slow down the protein synthesis necessary for muscle development.
  • Its combination with a good choice of amino acids will only improve its effectiveness.

 You have to know how to choose when to take your whey. A person starting out in bodybuilding will be content with 30 to 40 grams of whey diluted with water, to be taken immediately after his workout. But in general, take whey for half an hour before training to prepare the amino acids in the blood for the catabolic stress that will come. During training, your digestive system digests proteins poorly, so it must be at rest. Then prefer a whey hydrolyzate during exercise. Finally, immediately after training, whey can be taken with L-leucine for a better anabolic response. Use the Zotezo now for the best deal.

 Regarding the dosage of whey, it should not be based solely on its daily protein intake. You should also consider the protein intake of your entire diet. The dose varies depending on when you take it. After training, it depends on the amount of mass you put in during the effort. In total, the daily amount of protein recommended for a bodybuilder is 1.5 to 2.5 grams per kilo of weight. In case your diet plan does not contain enough protein, then whey may well complement it. So consume about 40 g of whey immediately after training in order to stop the catabolism caused by bodybuilding efforts and trigger anabolism. The anabolic work of whey is reinforced when its intake is accompanied by 5 to 10 grams of L-leucine.

Hydrolyzed Whey

This form of whey isolate is considered the best on the market because it is obtained by hydrolysis, which means that it has been pre-cut into smaller chains of proteins and amino acids. It is therefore a predigested protein which contains di- and tri-peptides to be able to speed up the digestion process. Its assimilation is then immediate and maximum and it will be useful in post-training by its assimilation more than fast compared to all the other forms of whey.

In summary

There are many types of whey and each form can be eaten in any way you want to help you meet your protein intake. Whey protein is very effective in helping you recover, rebuild your muscle fibers and help you build muscle. Choose the Best Multivitamin tablet for you now.

Choosing the right protein is important for gaining weight, drying or recovering properly. In addition, we recommend an amino acid complex composed of BCAAs and glutamine if your whey is not provided with it. These act on muscle anabolism and recovery.