What Are Lingual Braces and What Are the Benefits? 

Misalignment in the teeth can cause a great discomfort in performing daily activities. A perfect smile comes from well positioned teeth, but the problem of the misalignment can be treated with the help of braces. Orthodontists these days use several braces and invisalign to make the teeth straight. Lingual braces are quite different than the traditional braces as these are placed on the back of your teeth. Let’s understand some benefits of the lingual braces.

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Things to Know

  • The lingual braces are customized according to the shape of your teeth so they fit well into the space and help in proper alignment of the teeth. These braces are similar to the traditional braces, but these include the arch wires and bracket.
  • These braces are completely invisible as they are placed on the side of the tongue so no one will notice them. With the help of the lingual braces, the front surface of your teeth is not going to be damaged.
  • In addition, braces can impact your confidence as everyone will be able to see it. The lingual braces on the other hand are not visible so they boost up your confidence to face your clients and customers.

These are some of the benefits of the lingual braces.