What Are The Coverage Levels And Coverage Plans Of Anthem Blue Cross?

Anthem is an organization that is part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. They are currently serving some 70 million individuals. One in every nine Americans has Anthem coverage.

The anthem blue cross drug rehab was originally founded in the 1940s, after which it merged with WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. in 2004. The company is now an independent licensee of the BCBSA. Anthem is affiliated with the BCBSA and they are having the same nationwide reach. They are having processed around 670 million individual claims. 

Coverage Levels and Coverage Plans 

The coverage options are one of the certain plans and tiers vary based on state. The basic plans are falling into 3 categories that are the following:

  • Bronze: This plan has the lowest monthly premiums, but the highest deductible and co-pays. This 60 % of medical costs are paid by Anthem.
  • Silver: This plan is having monthly premiums that are higher than bronze, with a lower deductible and co-pays. Its 70% of medical costs are paid by Anthem.
  • Gold: This plan is one of the highest monthly premiums, but the lowest deductible. Co-pays are degreasing than other plans, and 80% of medical costs are paid by Anthem.

Rehab Centers Accept Anthem

As part of the BCBSA, the treatment that Anthem covers are very similar to that covered by Blue Cross Blue Shields. These include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Acute inpatient hospitalization
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Detox
  • Residential treatment

Anthem has put certain requirements together that treatment must meet for it to be allowed under their plan. The treatment that they cover will depend very much on your situation, where you live, and which plan you currently have. The cost-effectiveness of the treatment is believed to be and whether the treatment you seek for your condition is appropriate.