What Are The Reasons Behind The High Cost Of Hair Transplants?

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The best quality always comes at a high price. Numerous businesses claim to offer the lowest cost products in the market; however, this thing doesn’t go with the Hair Transplant Toronto. Various factors make a hair transplant procedure expensive, which are elaborated below:

  • Customized Approach: Every individual has a distinctive hair loss pattern, so everybody needs to be treated differently. Your hair transplant surgeon can recommend you the best hair transplant treatment after assessing your hair loss issues.
  • Multiple Sessions: FUE cannot avoid losing genetic hair, so even after the procedure, it may progress. However, the best thing about an FUE transplant is that it can be performed many times to give the best results.   
  • Time-Consuming and Complex Procedure:  FUE operation usually takes a long time; it depends on how many grafts you require to be transplanted. The follicle units must be removed and inserted attentively and rapidly to ensure that as many follicles survive as possible.
  • Expert Care: As we already mentioned that hair transplant procedures need multiple sittings at a surgeon clinic. After each sitting, you may need expert care that ensures your well-being in your recovery period and it can only be provided by a professional surgeon. 

Usually, in a hair transplant procedure, the surgeon examines your thinning or balding hair, build a detailed plan for your surgery, spend multiple hours in meticulously transplanting your hair follicles, and then follow up with you during your recovery. All these factors influence the cost of hair transplant.

  • Equipment Costs: the most sophisticated equipment that is used in a hair restoration procedure, e.g. the NeoGraft is not cheap. it costs you more than the old technology but will make your hair surgery and recovery will be more comfortable and, will leave only tiny scares that virtually invisible scars.
  • The Number of Grafts you’ll need: As mentioned above, the more grafts you need to be transplanted, the more you’re going to pay. It completely depends on the severity of your thinning area. If the thinning areas are low it will cost less, while the price will increase with the severity of the thinning area.
  • Additional Staff and Labor Costs: The cost of additional staff and labor also matter while calculating the hair restoration procedure expenses. For getting the exact idea about your hair transplant, get in touch with your physician.