What are the Types of Fertility Massage Recommended by Fertility Specialists?

Fertility massages vary depending on your fertility specialist, but most involve an abdomen massage to give localized health benefits. Acupressure uses pressure points to activate distinct meridians in your body and enhance balance. Likewise, reflexology is employed to improve health by stimulating pressure points on your feet, ears, or hands.

In What Way Do These Fertility Massages Improve the Chances Of Pregnancy?

Massages may be traced back to Chinese medicine and Indian traditions. Massages try to use the power of pressure and touch to naturally reduce pain and help the body heal. Fertility massage, particularly, has been shown to promote lymph function, blood circulation, mood, digestion, and sleep.

Fertility Enhancement For Both Women And Men

Fertility massages may assist women in increasing blood flow to their uterus and ovaries. Fertility massages for men may enhance circulation to their testicles, which aids in the production of sperm. Among the most important advantages that might help to overall improved health is stress alleviation.

Natural Fertility Treatments

Fertility massages, in addition to other alternative therapies, may increase your odds of becoming pregnant. A diet rich in fiber and antioxidants and low in trans fats and refined carbohydrates is a good place to start. Routine exercise and keeping a healthy diet are other important factors in ensuring a good reproductive system.

What’s The Purpose Of The Massage?

Generally, individuals with a prolapsed uterus or painful periods sought this treatment, but all women, particularly those attempting to conceive may benefit from it. The uterus is maintained in position by a sequence of ligaments, which may shrink, stretch, get damaged, and move the uterus away from where it belongs.

Because our hormones travel via the bloodstream, increasing circulation is crucial in naturally aiding conception. Most of what fertility specialists do in fertility clinics in Singapore is also designed to improve circulation. Massage may also assist move clogged lymph fluid, promote oxygenated blood flow towards your reproductive organs, boost immunological function, and keep the nerve activity in your pelvic organs normal.

A Component of a More Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Fertility massages cannot boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant on their own. Nevertheless, stress management is an important factor in improving the odds of conception. Any sort of stress management may benefit couples who’ve had difficulty conceiving.

Fertility Massage Types


Reflexology is the application of massage to specific parts of the foot. All the treated regions relate to a different section of the body. Reflexology is done on the regions of the foot that relate to the endocrine, digestive, and reproductive systems throughout the fertility massage to improve circulation and alleviate congestion within reproductive organs.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial release is a method for relaxing the tissue that surrounds your body’s organs and muscles. This tissue might get tied and twisted eventually, obstructing blood flow to your reproductive organs and contributing to infertility. Putting pressure to certain tissues until a significant release happens is how myofascial release is achieved.


Acupressure is a massage method that uses the same concepts as traditional Chinese acupuncture but does not include needles. Pressure is given to specific areas of the body throughout acupressure therapy to promote balance and circulation. According to research, these therapies may be quite effective in treating specific forms of infertility. These procedures were utilized to promote ovulation, enhance blood flow towards the uterus, and restore ovulation function.

Massage of the Deep Tissues

Based on research, about 50 percent of women that used deep tissue massage get pregnant after continuing therapy, and roughly 75 percent show obvious evidence of improved reproductive systems’ health. Deep tissue massage done by a fertility specialist improves circulation and breaks up adhesions. It entails using moderate to strong pressure in lengthy, deep strokes.