What Shampoo Is Good For Oily Scalp?



When the sebaceous glands overreact on the scalp, an oily scalp shampoo is a result. The oily nature of the scalp attracts everything in the atmosphere towards it, and most of it is dirt. It acts like a magnet, and the hair locks stick to each other, making it difficult to separate them. The worst part is that the hair glands get clogged up and allows the Sebum glands t go to the root, which results in massive hair loss and dandruff. 

Treatment :

Generally, shampoos are recommended, to get rid of this, but the question is, which shampoo. Upon studies, it has been narrowed down to one shampoo as described below.

Zincplex Shampoos.

Zincplex is found to be an ideal solution, which contains all the natural ingredients. Here are it’s salient features that aim to solve your scalp issues:

  • The perfect way to cleanse the scalp is by using herbs such as burdock, Ivy, Thyme and saga. They deep clean the dirt and other radicals along with the oils.
  • The Zinc PCA regulates the oil flow, which is produced by the Sebum gland. Thus this counter-effect will never render your hair dry but would terminate the greasiness or oiliness on your scalp.
  • It is the deeply rooted problem inside your hair Follicle that causes the scalp oily. Although there are some natural defences from the body, it would not just be enough. The Zinc PCA purifies the Hair Follicles. 
  • Zinc PCA is designed to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. 
  • It acts as a regulator to contain the Sebum, which is the root cause of itching, flakes, and sometimes scalp bumps. 
  • There are no artificial ingredients in Zinc PCA.  Tar, Selenium Sulfide, Ketaconozole are not a part of it, even though many shampoos have this.


The Products on offer from Zincplex Shampoos with their unique properties.

  1. Zinc Shampoo: Terminated oily scalp, but not dry out the oils thoroughly.It also regulates the amount of oil that the scalp can produce.
  2. Zinc Conditioner: The usage of a conditioner along with shampoo is mandatory since it keeps working longer even after the application wears out. It eliminates the root cause of oil and greasy hair and scalp.
  3. Zinc Lotion: This mix includes herbs that are pure and act tough on bad & rough areas of the scalp.