What Should You Expect After a Cataract Surgery in Dubai?

Patients who have blurry or cloudy vision have cataracts, and they immediately need to consult a cataract surgery doctor in Dubai. When you consult an experienced and professional cataract surgery doctor in Dubai, they suggest a simple, easy procedure to perform that helps you get your vision back. 

It is a common, safe and easy procedure that cannot be considered major surgery. When the surgery is done, and you have recovered, you will see, and your vision will be back to normal. 

This was a brief overview of cataract surgery. Today we will discuss who is the ideal candidate for cataract surgery, what can you expect after the surgery and some useful tips to help you through the process. 

Who benefits the most from cataract surgery?

Patients should remember that just because they have a cataract, it doesn’t mean they need to have surgery. Some patients don’t even realise any changes in their vision. 

In some cases, the patients can easily treat this if they regularly wear prescription glasses, use a magnifying lens, or read with brighter lights. 

But if you don’t consult a cataract surgery doctor in Dubai, it can also lead to serious issues and complications in the future. If they are not treated, the patient might have a dimmed, double or blurred vision.

People who are more sensitive to glares from the sun and poor night vision benefit the most, as this is an issue that needs to be treated at the earliest. If the cataract is large enough to crowd the inside of the eye, doctors still recommend performing the surgery. 

Hence, doctors always suggest that you consult a cataract surgery doctor in Dubai once you feel any uneasiness while reading or any issues at all. 

What should you expect after cataract surgery in Dubai? 

After the surgery, the surgeon will give you a black protective glass or an eye cover to wear at all times. They will also prescribe some eye drops that the patient would have to use for few weeks. 

The eye drops and protective eyewear helps the user heal quickly. Along with the eye drops and glasses, the surgeon will explain a set of instructions that you should follow. These instructions cover what to do and what not to do after the surgery. 

The surgeons will schedule a follow-up visit and check the progress. The first couple of days after the surgery, you will experience blurry vision, which will get better after a couple of days. 

Doctors say a total of eight weeks of recovery time is required to heal from the surgery completely. 

What are some things that you should keep in mind regarding cataract surgery?

Listed below are some things about cataract surgery you must know before getting the surgery. 

1- The clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens

After the cataract surgery doctor in Dubai performs the surgery, the patient gets the clear vision lost due to the cataract. The surgeon will replace the non-functioning lens.

The non-functioning lens is then replaced with an artificial implant known as an intraocular lens. The artificial lens then becomes a permanent part of the eye. 

2- Patients can see the images more clearly after the surgery

Patients who have undergone surgery say they can see the objects more clearly without any difficulties. Some have also reported they can see the colours more brightly. 

You can now easily perform activities that were difficult before the surgery. These include driving at night, reading, writing, playing sports, etc. Your overall life improves after getting the surgery. 

Wrapping up

Consult the best cataract surgery doctor in Dubai from Eye Surgeon and get a better view of the world.