How can we be sure that vaccines will not put us at risk in terms of side effects and severe adverse reactions?

            Nowadays, it seems that many people in this world want to know about vaccines. Vaccine is the hot topic right now thanks to the emergence of Covid-19 virus. Since December 2019, a new virus has graced humankind and created chaos. This newly found virus had an ability to quickly infect others and caused death. Infected people will develop symptoms such as cough, fever and also shortness of breath. This virus also has a high infectivity, meaning that it can infect other people in just a short amount of time. This is the main reason why WHO or the World Health Organization had declared this virus attack as a pandemic and decided that the only way to halt this infection is by introducing the use of vaccines. There are a lot of types of Covid-19 vaccine out there (jenis vaksin Covid 19). So, how do you know that these vaccines are safe?

            The thing that most people fear nowadays is the safety of Covid-19 vaccine. While the governments and also vaccine developers had told us that vaccines are safe, how can we be sure about what is being told? The answer is simple. In order to know the effectiveness of the vaccines, we must take a look at the statistics available to us. Yes, stats do not lie. It is the most accurate indication that we can refer to. For Covid-19 vaccines, statistics have shown that the vaccines produced are very effective. For instance, the Pfizer vaccine is reported to have an effectiveness of around 95%. That is a very high percentage for a vaccine. Besides that, vaccines such as Moderna and also Johnson & Johnson vaccine shows around 91% to 90% effectiveness respectively.

            Although they are not 100% effective, the numbers clearly show a high effectiveness for most of the Covid-19 vaccines. It is very beneficial for a person to be vaccinated since being vaccinated gives a high chance of protection from Covid-19 infection. The statistics also show that people that got vaccinated tend to develop some side effects. It was reported that some people felt pain at the injection site, headache, nausea and fever upon completing their vaccine injection. These side effects also were reported to be stronger during the second dose of injection. However, it is noted that these side effects are always minimal and do not usually give a severe side effect. Besides that, it is also noted that there were not many future complications arising from vaccine injection.

            From here, we can safely assume that there are a lot of pros than cons in this matter. So, it is very beneficial if we can take those Covid-19 injections as soon as possible. Furthermore, this is for our own good and also the people around us. By taking a Covid-19 injection, we can lower the chance of getting Covid-19 infection. If there is a chance where we get infected by it, the symptoms will always be minimal and not as severe as those who did not yet receive their vaccine injection. Furthermore, it is not only beneficial towards ourselves, it also can help the people around you. Yes, it can help protect those around you if you get vaccinated. This phenomenon is called herd immunity, a type of automatic immunity that people nearby you can get if the majority are being vaccinated in a society. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself and get your vaccine injection as soon as possible.