Anal fissures are a pain in your backside- but they don’t have to be forever!

An anal fissure happens when there is a lengthwise split in the rectal tunnel. This will cause you a lot of pain in the anal area. In the worst case, it might lead to the passing of blood while you are relieving yourself! This disorder can be found in all age groups.

Types of fissures:

Anal fissures can be categorized into two class:

  • A primary Anal fissure is a chronic ailment. If unchecked, surgery is the only possible option for this disorder
  • Secondary Anal fissure might be the result of other ailments such as syphilis, Tuberculosis, past rectal surgery complications. Every causative factor will invoke a different type of treatment

Ayurveda on Anal fissures, sinuses, and fistula:

Infrequent intestinal movement is the main reason for Anal based disorders. Ayurveda considers unhealthy lifestyle habits (sitting job, smoking, drinking liquor, having food at odd times of the day or night, Junk food consumption and improper exercise. Faulty intestinal routines cause abnormal bowel routines. This irregular bowel routine causes the anal fissure every time. Luckily, Ayurveda is the best option for you if you are a cardiac patient or suffer from diabetes. In almost 90% of cases, Ayurveda successfully cures anal fissure. So, no surgery required!

Ayurveda therapy performs the following functions:

  • Relaxes the rectal tunnel
  • Cleans and cures the fissure area
  • Reduces pain while relieving oneself

Some of the front runners of Ayurveda treatment comprise of the following options:

  • Assorted herbal Ayurveda oils such as Jatyadi oil coats the wound with a medicated protective covering. It enables the rectal tunnel to settle down and thereby reduce the pain quotient
  • Hot fermentation with shower eases the spasm in the inner sphincter. If you can sit on a tub of hot water, it will also help to wash the affected area. This will require around 10 to 15 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • Furthermore, adding Triphala powder in the water reduces the pain faster and tends to the anal colon damage
  • Psyllium Husk is commonly known as isabgol. This product is derived from the Plantago Ovate plant. Its affinity for water helps it to become mucilaginous post soaking. This lubricates the inner wall of the intestines. This ensures smooth passage of feces in the intestines, thereby reducing the overall effort to flush out night soil from the body. Consequently, the stress level is reduced on the inner sphincter. Freedom from rectal pain guaranteed!!

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