Changes to Do at Home Once the Pandemic is Over and Why the Big Berkey Filter Helps

This pandemic has drastically changed everything. It has been a year since the first viral infection was found in China, causing problems until now. Our lives will never be the same after this pandemic. If anything, we will all be more cautious with our actions moving forward. We can’t allow the same problem to affect us ever again. One of the changes that everyone needs to make is to install the Big Berkey filter helps. Viral infection from air droplets isn’t the only problem. There might also be pathogens from other sources like water. With the aid of a water filter, it would be easier to eliminate the bacteria and guarantee safety. Apart from having a water filter at home, there are other changes worth pursuing.

Make soap sanitizers available

Every sink needs to have a soap that anyone can use to wash hands. If not, sanitizers should be available. When guests are coming, these sanitizers must be at the doorstep to clean their hands before entering the house. Children should also be trained to always clean their hands before eating and after playing. No one realized the value of handwashing up until this pandemic came. Even when it’s over, keeping the hands clean remains a priority. Viruses can spread inside the body because the hands usually touch surfaces. Since viruses can live on surfaces for several hours, touching them could lead to a potential infection.

No one should bring footwear inside the house

It might be weird for Westerners to take those shoes off before entering the house, but it’s a tradition in most Asian countries. The reason is that footwear is usually dirty, and it shouldn’t be inside the house. After using it to go to other places outdoors, the footwear is probably filled with bacteria. Taking it inside the house will spread it all over the place. There should be a different pair of slippers which will only be used indoors. Even guests have to follow the same practice if they decide to visit.

Cook dishes thoroughly

Raw dishes are usually a source of bacteria and other pathogens. If not washed thoroughly, they could pose a huge risk. Sure, the coronavirus doesn’t come from foods, but other pathogens do. To be safe, raw dishes should be eliminated from the menu at home. Besides, not everyone can process raw dishes well. Others may end up with stomach problems even without the bacteria infection.

Disinfect packages

One of the new practices people started because of the pandemic is to disinfect packages. Some studies revealed that the virus could spread if the person carrying the package is ill. Although the chances are low, no one would take a chance to a deadly virus. Even after this pandemic, this practice should continue. Besides, it doesn’t take time to disinfect packages. Keeping them outside for a few hours before opening them would also help. By then, any virus that may have been on the surface is already dead.

Delivery services are still an excellent choice 

We heavily relied on delivery services because of fear of being outside and interacting with other people. Supermarkets and department stores are closed spaced that don’t have proper ventilation. The same is true with restaurants. Instead of taking the risk, most people decided to rely on delivery services. It’s easier to click on the items to buy and have them delivered right away. There are still risks in being in enclosed and crowded spaces in the future. It’s better to stay home and let others do the job. It’s also quick and convenient. It helps people who have lost their jobs too.

Hire a family doctor

Back then, the idea of having a family doctor doesn’t seem to appeal to many people. Only a few families have one. It’s deemed unnecessary and costly. Due to this virus, several doctors became busy handling patients and cannot address the concerns of some people without severe symptoms. When you already established a relationship with a doctor, it’s easier to get help or at least consult remotely. There’s no need to go to a hospital or wait in line. Family doctors can also help you through referrals to other medical experts.

It’s also easier to seek help when someone with whom the family can easily get in touch. Some patients hesitate to ask for help because they don’t know whom to call or pretend everything is okay. This virus taught us that the symptoms could worsen overnight. If left untreated and without proper monitoring, it can be fatal.

Keep the house clean all the time

There are times when everyone at home is busy, and there’s no time to maintain cleanliness. This pandemic taught us that there’s no excuse. If the house is dirty, it can cause potential illnesses. If everyone is busy, cleaning services are available. They can also offer deep cleaning services that will ensure pathogens don’t survive the surfaces. It needs to be a regular thing, and not only when people remember. Children at home should also learn the value of having a clean house. They need to help out in any way they can. Some children mess things up a lot, and they’re not responsible for keeping orderliness at home. It’s time for them to grow up and be more responsible. It’s never too early to learn basic household chores.

Hopefully, this pandemic will soon end, and no one would have to die or suffer. It has already taken hundreds upon thousands of lives. The worst part is that a new pandemic could arise in the future. We have to keep our houses clean and guarantee everyone’s health and safety. It’s also good that we have learned important lessons from the pandemic. We can use them should another health crisis arise soon. Even medical experts have learned a lot from this problem and can feel more confident in attacking potential viral infections in the future.