How to Prepare for an Eye Surgery?

Eye surgeries often cause anxiety for patients. By staying informed and prepared ahead of any eye surgery, you can better deal with the stress of it all. 

Get the Proper Tests

When a patient needs eye surgery, such as cataracts, the doctor will perform different types of eye testing. These include things like eye pressure, vision, pupil dilation, and corneal thickness. It may seem like a lot but these are actually quite easy and painless. These tests are necessary to determine the health of your eye. Your doctor may prescribe medication depending on the results of the tests to prepare for surgery.

Medical History

Though your eye problem may not seem related to other diseases, the doctor must be informed about any health problems you have. People on medication for other health problems must inform their doctor. Some medications and health problems can worsen or affect the surgery. A patient must also mention any allergies to medications. In many cases patients are asked to stop certain medications prior to surgery. Your medical history will help the surgeon make better decisions for the health of your eye.

No Makeup

Using beauty products have become an everyday part of life. But these products should not be worn when going for eye surgery. Particles of eye makeup or foundation can cause infection, affecting the recovering process. It is necessary to keep the facial skin, especially the area around eyes clear of any makeup or foundation.

So, be informed and see an eye professional for a thorough exam. It will help you to keep your precious eyes healthy.