How To Create Close Bonds With Your Baby

Babies are the absolute best giftMother Nature has bestowed upon us and bonding with them, the absolute second best. The experience is all kinds of emotional, fun, and, oh well, exhausting and not to forget crazy too. As miraculous and unbelievable, the process of bringing a new life into this world looks like, andthese tiny humansmake their presence the center of their parents’ life. It honestly is no surprise at all as to how the little tykes end up grabbing all the affection and attention right away. However, not all parents instantaneously fall in love with their babies as the responsibility of a new life can be overwhelming for them. So sometimes it takesa good amount of time, and quality interaction before parents are able to develop a beautiful and lifelong bond. Since the baby or infantperiod flies by swiftly no matter the ever-increasing amount of nappies, it is really important that you focus on enjoying and having fun with your little one; a healthy bond will develop and grow steadily on its own. Let’s look at a few ways to nurture this wholesome and beautiful relationship while the little one coos or sleeps beside you.

Belly Chat Sessions

Your baby can hear you while she or he is growing inside your womb. Wow!What! Amazing, isn’t it? It is true. If you are past your eighteenth week of pregnancy, your baby can actually hear you and not just that, he or she is also able to draw comfort from your voice. Talking to your belly might outwardly seem stupid or corny to some but trust me, you are already on the journey of acquainting yourself with the baby. And daddies, don’t lag behind when it comes to the first sounds your baby is going to hear!

Feed and Feel

Feeding your young ones from your own body is one of the most emotional experiences for mothers. Breastfeeding is not just about filling the empty stomach of your baby but so much more. It is intimate and oh-so-beautiful. Skin-to-skin, the baby can hear your heartbeat and can also smell you. They’re sensitive to your touch and warmth. Look into their eyes, and they look right back up. Before this feeling and special bondare gone, soak it all up, mommies!

Mommy,the Masseuse

Massages are always special and soothing, and what not! They are not just mandatory for your baby’s health but also a great way to interact with your little one.Find a nice baby massage oil to apply to your baby’s cute little body. Their skin needs it, and they will love you for it. Interact with them while you do so, talk to them, make faces, and make it a fun session. Mommies are the best ultimate masseuses, after all.

Sleep Together, Stay Together

Sleeping together is another great way to bond with your baby. Let’s face it, bringing up a baby is no piece of cake and you, more often than not, feeling sleep deprived. Be smart about your sleeping schedule and sleep when your baby sleeps. Not only will the bond grow stronger by being snuggled together but it will also put you in a better mood to continue with your mommy duties once the baby wakes up and which, ultimately, will help your engagement with the baby.

Channel your inner Taylor Swift

Who does not love songs? We all do, and so does your baby! Channel the singer inside of you and sing to your little joy of heart. Babies love listening to their mothers and trust me, and they would not even judge you. Start with short and nice lyrics, and you will be surprised how quickly they catch on to the tones and even words. Sing to them during the day and sing to them as you rock them to sleep. Select a few lullabies and watch them yawning as soon as it is bedtime and you start to lull.

Playtime with Parents

The lives of babies are all about playing, feeding and sleeping. Make sure you are by them through each of these sweet but tiring activities. Play with your cute little darling. Bring out the silly in you, make stupid faces and funny sounds. Grab all of their attention! Providing your babies with all sorts of toys is not the only trick; you have got to become their playing partner as well. Play age-appropriate games and watch them eventually return those interactions and befriend you. And oh I know how much you would still enjoy playing with those pretty dollies, the old dollhouse and well, men never really get over cars, do they?

Story-telling Time

Another bedtime bonding activity that you can plan up with your baby is a short storytelling session. Keep a little storybook by your nightstand and read to them a little before they fall asleep. Too often, we underestimate the intelligence of our babies. They will surprise you with how much they understand. Stories will not only help them pick up new ideas and words, but it will, more importantly, make them communicate with you on a verbal as well as psychological level.

Dress-Up Fiesta

Dressing up your little darling can be difficult sometimes. Try to manage this chore when they are in a better mood and then engage them in it. Tell them how pretty their dress is and how absolutely adorable they will look. Buy cute little accessories to go with their dresses to spark their interest in them. Make them look into a mirror afterward, admire and let them see the outcome of all the dressing up hassle for themselves too. They will start enjoying it.

Walk, Talk, Explore Together

Babies love a day out. They are always yearning to go around exploring and observing places and things with their small little eyes. Do you blame them? There is so much to look at and grasp for their little brains. Looking at all those lights and listening to all those sounds is all the fun they ask for and you got to give it to them. Go for nice evening strolls, hold their hands and walk with them as they enjoy it all with you. Share these early life experiences with them. Oh, they are going to love you for this!

Shower your little one with Smooches

There is nothing like enough kisses. Give your baby a hundred kisses, or more. Kiss and hug and snuggle with him or her on repeat. Pour all that love inside your heart, and they will take it all in. These gestures of love, along with everything else you do for your little one, will help them grow mentally and emotionally strong. So, do not hold back on those smooches and keep them coming.


Just go with your instincts and love your baby, the little munchkin will fall in love with you. This time will not come again, so try not to let the stress cloud all the good things your baby has brought to your life. Happy bonding!