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Is Regular Dentist Visit Even Worth Your Money? Here’s Everything You Should Know

People have become very aware of the importance of regular full body checkups that they get done from time to time. It helps doctors identify signs of trouble and correct and treat the problems before things can get serious. And this is exactly the reason that the oral health community puts emphasis on regular dental visits. The purpose is the same – identifying troubles early on and treating them before they can blow up in your face. Hence, to be precise, regular dental checkup – every 6-8 weeks – is absolutely necessary. 

Some of the most relevant services that experienced dentists at clinics like the Oracare dental clinic have to offer are listed below. 

  1. Oral Cancer Screening 

It’s advised to visit a dentist for the complete oral checkup where the doctor will perform X-rays and many other tests to ensure that there’s no sign of cancer that’s going unnoticed. It’s advised to undergo oral cancer screening once in every 6 months. Other than the X-ray, the dentist also focuses on examining the areas around your neck and head in order to locate any abnormal growth(s) that can be treated accordingly. 

  1. Cavity Filling

Filling up cavities is the only way in which you can actually get rid of sensitivity. In fact, a hollow tooth causes infection and inflammation that can also lead to tooth decay. Dentists use various fillers to fill cavities before the problem can spread. 

  1. Dental Cap and Implants 

Dentists usually use a porcelain or ceramic made crown – a tooth shaped cap – for multiple purposes like:

  • Using a crown as a replacement for a missing tooth so that the nearby teeth do not get loose. 
  • Putting it on top of a weak tooth/teeth that has been treated for root canal. 

As a result, teeth remain perfectly aligned and they are less prone to breakage. 

  1. Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

Wisdom teeth are quite problematic in a lot of ways. First, they can be very painful. And second, if not removed, they can cause issues like:

  • Gum infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Bad odor
  • Damaging the teeth adjacent to them
  • Bad odor

Which is why dentists suggest getting them removed as soon as you can. The steps followed for wisdom tooth extraction are listed below:

  • Performing an X-ray to find out the depth of the wisdom tooth.
  • Using sedatives for a painless surgery.

If you’ve been looking forward to getting your teeth examined by experienced dentists, then you can always visit the Pardip Sansi for best advice and services.