How To Help Your Toddler Learn Proper Oral Care

Little ones just don’t always understand why things have to be done. Things like brushing their teeth may seem like quite the hassle, especially if they’re more interested in playing with cars or puzzles. How do you ensure they’re getting it done and doing it right without a daily tantrum? It’s important to talk with them, making it seem easy. This activity, after all, is the foundation for the children’s future oral care. Here are three things that may make the time a piece of cake.

  1. Establish Set Times For Brushing

Many kids enjoy schedules. It not only establishes order, but it can create a sense of calm and simplicity. Brushing teeth should happen at a moment that isn’t tied to losing entertainment. Rather, it works best when it’s following something practical. For example, once breakfast is finished, go upstairs, get dressed and grab that toothbrush. This makes the cleaning part of the fun. At night, take a bath, put on pajamas and then scrub again. Afterward, books may follow.

  1. Start Seeing the Dentist Early

Once kiddos reach age 3 and up they may have a better understanding of seeing doctors. Locate an office that specializes in pediatric dental care St Johns County. These experts know how to make a visit comfortable and fun. Strap on some cool glasses, watch a cartoon and chill. Then, brag about how sparkly the smile looks. You may even want to compare it to their favorite character. This attention normalizes the dentist; plus, a few encouraging words from the doctor could drive better cleaning at home.

  1. Encourage Water Over Juice

Indulging in sweets isn’t a bad thing. Excess, though, is problematic. Rather than grabbing for another juice box, discuss the value of water. Encourage a glass with each meal, helping to wash away the grime that fosters plaque buildup and cavities.

Concentrate on creating a cheerful, positive connection. When your child understands the value, it may become effortless